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Welcome to Malta
In the middle of the Mediterranean Sea, seventy miles south of Sicily, and almost equidistant between Cyprus, at the one end, and Gibraltar at the other, lies Malta. Although fairly small in size, Malta has exercised an influence on the History of the Mediterranean quite out of proportion to their size. Almost every power that dominated, or attempted to dominate, the Mediterranean, made use of Malta’s magnificent natural harbours, and Malta commanded the north-south trading routes between Sicily, Italy and North Africa, as well as a large part of the east-west routes.

Malta today remains an important shipping centre, not only for the Mediterranean, but for the whole world. The Malta Drydocks is one of the largest ship repairs yards in Europe and has customers in over 40 countries. Regular containerised and conventional Liner Services link Malta to the major ports of the world and the Malta Freeport boasts the most modern cargo handling equipment and extensive warehousing facilities for the handling, storage and part manufacturing of goods destined for the Mediterranean, Black Sea, Red Sea and the Arabian Gulf markets as well as an oil storage and blending facility.

The Merchant Shipping Act came into force in 1973 and today the register has some 20 million gross tons duly registered.


GM INTERNATIONAL SERVICES LIMITED, a subsidiary of Economicard Worldwide Limited, is the largest and longest established shipping services company in Malta. Our first two companies, namely Maltathens Shipping Ltd and Maltapireo Shipping Ltd, were registered on 13th May 1977. Until 1987 we commanded almost 95% of Malta’s tonnage; today, despite ever increasing competition, we remain Malta’s premier ship registration company, and we have contributed to a large extent in attaining Malta’s fourth largest registry in the world.

At GM INTERNATIONAL SERVICES LIMITED we offer a very comprehensive service that incorporates all aspects of ship registration. Apart from ship and yacht registration, clients can choose from a range of services including agency, husbandry, bunkering, chandling, transhipments, secretarial, accountancy and legal services, including registration of mortgages. 

Years of experience have taught us at GM INTERNATIONAL SERVICES LIMITED that efficiency, speed, confidentiality and quality service are the only criteria for success in a competitive market. We pride ourselves on our ability to offer clients a very specialised service with plans tailor-made to meet individual needs. We are one of the few companies able to offer clients such a wide range of services under one roof.

GM has earned itself a favourable reputation on the international market through the efforts of our company Chairman, John A. Gauci-Maistre K.M. who is well known for his contributions to various prestigious shipping and maritime international magazines and his participation in many international fora and conferences. He has personally organised our group’s own seminars in, among other places, London, Piraeus and Oslo. GM INTERNATIONAL SERVICES LIMITED is present at all Maritime and Shipping exhibitions around the world, promoting our various specialised services.

Malta’s geographical location as well as forming part of the European Union could well make it the best registration option for ship owners the world over. At GM INTERNATIONAL SERVICES LIMITED we also believe Malta to be the optimum location for ship management. The Island’s strategic location makes it an important base for trade and telecommunications between North Africa and Europe and the rest of the world.

We believe that it is possible to serve the world from Malta.

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